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Moment by Moment / Grace and Gratitude

Just a simple reminder on how well you’re doing.

Those anxious moments you had a year ago are gone.

The problem was either resolved or it faded into the background. Something you live with but no longer think of as urgent.

Today there are other issues – for sure!

And, knowing you can get through every single overwhelming moment makes it easier to see what’s real.

When we give our attention to the important stuff instead of the panic within, we learn to build a cycle of goodness.

Conversations that engage a willing and grateful heart change everything.

You are strong and compassionate.

It’s time for giving thanks and this is the perfect moment to take a deep breath; one that fills you with Grace and Gratitude.

And, what will you do with this email now that you’ve read it?

I’m hoping you’ll share it with someone you care about.

Maybe you want to share because we’re on the same page about making the world a safer place for children. Maybe you’ll share because you want all relationships to be better.

It doesn’t matter so long as it’s one to one: person to person….. pay it forward. Because your uniqueness, your generosity and your willingness…. make positive things happen.

Every week, my team and I set the intention of putting more LOVE into the world by helping couples connect.

YOU are the reason Wellness exists and we give thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, for letting us do this work.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

With love and gratitude,

Anne and the entire Wellness Team