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“We went to Wellness for an entire year and then some. We are proof that marriage can survive infidelity. We are now 8.5 yrs. after (18 yrs. total) and we are stronger than I ever imagined it would be. The guidance in our recovery was key to our marriage surviving.”

The Gold Standard in Couples Therapy

At Wellness Counseling Center, We Believe That When People Are Connected, They Can do Anything!

We Focus on Working With People in Relationships

You may be looking for significant long-term change or just a subtle shift and wondering how to find the best marriage counselor in Charlotte, NC, to fit your needs. Working with a Wellness therapist makes sense if you want to:

  • Connect with your partner
  • Communicate in ways you can hear each other
  • Develop a safer and more secure relationship
  • Address infidelity or other felt betrayals
  • Create more intimacy and trust
  • End feelings of loneliness and isolation and
  • Stop wasting your time and energy and start enjoying your life

We love working with people who want to understand themselves better, and make positive, proactive change. If your partner can’t join you, we will happily see you individually.

We Understand You’re Here For a Reason…

We understand you want to repair and strengthen your relationship with your partner. You want to start enjoying each other again. Whether you select weekly couples counseling sessions or a marriage retreat at our relationship counseling center in Charlotte, NC, we guide you through the entire process. It’s important to note, we use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) exclusively. It’s science-based and the most effective method on the planet for couples. You and your partner love each other and want to be together. Yet you find yourselves stuck in a negative cycle and can’t get out. Typical symptoms of a negative cycle are when you:

  • Have the same arguments over and over again
  • Feel distance between you and it seems to be getting worse
  • Are smart, talented and creative yet cannot find a way to fix this

At Wellness, We Understand You Want to Feel Safe, Happy and Connected

You want to feel close again. You want to be supported in your relationship; to feel loved and respected. That safe, secure feeling slipped away and you want it back. You want your relationship to work and it doesn’t even have to be perfect. Our couples and marriage therapists understand that you just want your relationship to be a comfortable place where you can be happy and …

  • Connect with your partner
  • Be respected and heard
  • Be hopeful about the future

You want to feel relaxed around your partner — the way you felt when you were dating; talking, laughing and enjoying each other in an easy, carefree way.

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"My husband and I were struggling with many little things and we would constantly battle about money, parenting, what's for dinner, chores, etc. What we couldn't talk about was sex. We weren't intimate anymore and we were both lonely and angry. We learned from the workshop that it’s not trying to figure out who was right or who was wrong but if we reached deep inside we'd see our core feelings. We learned that if we really understood the root emotion we could avoid the triggers that caused our vicious spiral! My husband and I after 15 years of marriage got to know each other in a new way and stopped our attack mode. We still have a lot of processing to do to break our "habit" but we are encouraged. We feel more playful as lovers now too. Thank you to Anne, and the staff for giving us hope!"

You had it before. You can get it back. The relationship you want is within reach.

We understand how important your relationship is to you. Whether you’re looking for couples therapy, individual work or a couples intensive retreat, the Wellness Counseling Center professionals are prepared to support you. We provide the Gold Standard in couples counseling because this is not just about staying together or staying married. It’s about your whole life because when your relationship works, everything else seems to work, too. When you feel connected to your partner, it feels as if you can do anything! When you are disconnected, you are likely to feel depleted, distracted and exhausted. Emotional disconnection creates internal chaos and takes up so much time and energy! But when you are connected with your partner, even when life may not be perfect and in times of stress, life seems to flow easily. Learn more about our marriage counseling services in Charlotte — including our Couples Therapy, Couples Intensives and Retreats, and Pre-Marital Services. We invite you to Contact Us today to take the next step or request a 20-minute phone consult below.