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Individual Counseling in Charlotte NC

Short Term, Evidence Based, Effective and Collaborative Individual Counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Both In-Person and Online Sessions Available

If you are not in an intimate partnership right now or your partner can’t join you, it’s OK. We will happily see you individually because we understand that some people need “We” time…. others need “Me” time.

We love working with people who want to understand themselves better, and make positive, proactive change. This is why we offer individual counseling for adults.

When you do Individual Counseling, with us at Wellness, your therapist will provide a safe space for you to express your emotions, explore your thoughts, sort ideas and speak out… without obstacles, interruptions or judgement.

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We know, life is short and you’ve been giving it your best. But now, you are exhausted, frustrated and want your life to be better. You’re stuck and at the same time, you sense change is in the air.

At first you wanted others to change. You wished things could be different.

We know that distressed relationships stem from many issues and misunderstandings. Whether you find yourself dealing with disappointment, resentment, or the effects of what might appear as narcissism, we have seen it all. Our role is to work with collaboratively with you to get to the heart of the matter. We help you tap into your emotions, see things more clearly and position yourself to work WITH change, rather than against it. Perhaps you need to take time to grieve the loss of a relationship. Perhaps you’re looking for a therapist for depression and anxiety. Perhaps you’re ready to start a new chapter. Through individual therapy for relationship issues you can learn to focus on you and better understand how you show up in the relationship.

Now and then, there are those who want individual therapy for divorce to help navigate those choppy waters. If this sounds like you, we understand.


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"I have been seeing Sheila Mull at The Wellness Counseling Center for about a year and a half now. When I first started my counseling sessions, I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life. I was dealing with some difficult issues and wasn't sure where to go or what to do. She could not have been more compassionate and kinder to me. Through a lot of hard work and her incredible guidance I have made an immense amount of progress; so much so that at this point I have "graduated" from counseling. I cannot express my deep gratitude for Sheila and The Wellness Counseling Center. I am now in such a good place in my life that feeling this great would have seemed unfathomable a year ago. I cannot recommend Sheila enough; she is an incredible counselor."

Regardless of your motivation, you are exactly where you need to be and you’re beginning to realize that you are the catalyst for change in your life.

Individual therapy can be a very valuable tool – and this next step is all about you. There is a blank canvas waiting for you, and our work with individuals is remarkably effective.

What You Will Learn From Our Personal Therapy

You are beginning to understand that your life is a creative, collaborative process and you are the artist. Suddenly, understanding yourself is important and being comfortable in your skin is a key ingredient for your happiness. In the past you may have sensed it but now, you see it and there is no turning back.

Intuitively you know relationships are important AND you realize that the best partnership imaginable calls for the best possible you. (Potential partners recognize commitment, courage and compassion in each other.) You understand that the biggest change possible is inside you. It’s also the change that’s likely to generate the most impact in your life and the world around you.

You may experience some fear around this new sense of self, and you also feel exhilaration; a powerful urge to explore and create. You want a life filled with purpose, commitment, compassion, and courageous communication. Your intention is to live in peace and harmony. You want to experience cooperation and joy because you recognize that living an unexamined and unconscious life will not get you where you want to go.

We focus on your internal self, empathy, patterns, cycles and the ways you engage with others and the world around you.

You are at the heart of all we do at Wellness Counseling Center. Only you can open the door and take that first step in creating a life that is deliberate, aware, and fulfilling – whatever that may be for you.

You can do this! It all starts with your curiosity and creativity. You can find some therapeutic resources here.

Let’s get started together.

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“Having to examine yourself and find value in yourself is the only way to become a whole person.” — Rita Moreno