Reviews and Personal Messages From Past and Current Counseling Clients

What Clients Say

Read what Wellness clients have said about their experience with our professional team.

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"Our therapist was a sympathetic interpreter. She's safe, compassionate, and a great translator for men to women and vice versa. I love the fact that she's not always politically correct."

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"Our Wellness therapist was our third marriage counselor. She was the only one that was able to dig deep, figure out what the real issues were and help us solve them."

Client Benefits

Read some of the benefits Wellness clients have experienced after working with us.

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"Somehow, I learned the importance of being happy. Smiling, happiness, and laughter is ALWAYS a good thing."

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“As a Lead Business Analyst, I work with a variety and sometimes-difficult personalities. My coach has provided me with exceptional coaching during my career on effectively communicating with project stakeholders and how to manage my personal responses when working with difficult people. I take every opportunity to give credit to her for her guidance and how I am a more successful Business Analyst having received coaching and mentoring from her."

“Thank you for all your help...We would never have gotten here without you. I will always be thankful for our relationship. Honestly, you saved him. How can I ever thank you for saving my son. I’m not one for words but please know how grateful I am…”

“Thanks. I appreciate you. You’re helping me more than you know, and I respect you. Thanks for everything you do and for not judging me. I am willing to do whatever it takes…I’m ready to put this behind me.”