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Our Intensives and Retreats are Designed for Busy People Who Want Their Relationship to be Better.

Couples Counseling Retreat

2 1/2 Day Couples Intensive Retreat

Imagine looking at your partner and feeling hopeful about your future together. Imagine looking at your life and feeling grateful again. If you are serious about reconnecting and making things better in your relationship, this 2 ½ Day Couples Intensive Retreat is a powerful launch pad. It is designed for you and your partner to take the deep dive and move forward toward the secure, resilient and successful relationship you once had. Our personal, private couples and marriage retreat is best suited for those willing to travel to Charlotte, NC, where we cover 8-10 weeks of couples therapy steadily and effectively – in 2 1/2 Days.

“There are no words to properly describe how impactful the intensive retreat was… It changed our relationship and my life profoundly.”

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Couples Retreat

1 Day Couples Intensive

Both In-Person and Online Sessions Available

The One Day Couples Intensive is our most popular program for the busy couple who wants to take that huge and courageous first step but has limited time. This couples retreat is the equivalent of four weeks of couples therapy and is tailored to complete our Assessment and Discovery Phase in one day. With our signature step by step coaching, you and your partner will reflect, look back and then imagine the future together. You’ll talk, share and listen in ways that quickly identify goals, issues and concerns creating a strong platform for your continuing work and your relationship’s success.

“We left truly believing that there is hope for happiness and peace.”

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