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Couples Retreats in Charlotte, NC

Our Intensives and Retreats are Designed for Busy People Who Want Their Relationship to be Better.

2½ Day Couples Intensive Retreat

Couples Counseling Retreat

Imagine looking at your partner and feeling hopeful about your future together. Imagine looking at your life and feeling grateful again.

This is our most popular program for the busy couple who wants to take that huge and courageous first step but has limited time….or wants to make up for lost time.

If you are serious about reconnecting and making things better in your relationship, this 2½ Day Couples Intensive Retreat is our most powerful launch pad. It is designed for you and your partner to take the deep dive and move forward toward the secure, resilient and successful relationship you once had. Our personal, private couples retreat is best suited for those willing to travel to Charlotte, NC, where we cover 8-10 weeks of couples therapy steadily and effectively – in 2½ days. Once your Intensive is complete, ongoing couples therapy is highly encouraged either with us, here in Charlotte or in your home community.

“There are no words to properly describe how impactful the intensive retreat was… It changed our relationship and my life profoundly.”

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1 Day and ½ Day Couples Intensive Retreats

Couples RetreatMany couples find weekly sessions impractical due to professional demands, after school activities, child care arrangements or distance.

Our 1 Day and ½ Day Couples Intensive Retreats work well for couples whose schedules prove too demanding for ongoing weekly or bi-weekly therapy.

These bespoke experiences can make couples therapy more accessible and manageable for you and your calendar. The initial 1 Day Intensive is the equivalent of four weeks of couples therapy and is tailored to complete your Assessment and Discovery Phase. Once your first Intensive is complete, additional 1 Day or ½ Day Intensives become an option and they can be scheduled at intervals convenient for you and your lifestyle.

With our signature step-by-step coaching, you and your partner will share with each other and listen in ways that quickly identify goals, issues and concerns. Then you’ll reflect and imagine the future together while you create it.

If you are keen on working toward relationship goals but unable to fit weekly or bi-weekly sessions into your schedule, these options will make a lot of sense. At Wellness we are committed to helping you establish a strong platform for your continuing work and your relationship’s success.

“We left truly believing that there is hope for happiness and peace.”

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Meet The Wellness Intensive Team

When you inquire about an Intensive, LeeAnne McClure, our Director of Client Relations is the first person you’ll speak with. From your first phone conversation to your closing Post-Intensive session, LeeAnne coordinates your Wellness experience. She is responsive to your questions, provides ‘white-glove’ treatment and ensures your comfort while guiding you though the reservation process and beyond.

Our Intensive retreats are private, personalized and conducted only by our most experienced ICEEFT certified couples therapists; Anne Hancock and Beth McCain. While these Intensives provide you with the opportunity to move quickly and advance from big picture to your specific issue(s), we always want you to know you are safe and neither blamed nor judged. You and your partner select who you want to work with and as your relationship consultant, your therapist is fully present for the process. During this time, we see no other clients and take no calls or emails. We are 100% devoted to you, your partner and your relationship.