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Family Counseling in Charlotte NC

Short Term, Evidence Based, Collaborative and Effective

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Imagine finally finding professionals you can trust, people who are highly skilled and can help you and your family harness the power of emotion.

Imagine transforming your relationships and feeling inspired to grow as a human being while you share and create harmony around you.

At Wellness, we see wholeness in every human. We believe people are creative, resourceful and good and everyone deserves to feel safe, heard and understood.

We view connection not only as important but sacred and we’re proud to help people maintain emotional stability in a confusing and complex world.

Emotionally Focused Therapy, Family Systems Theory and Attachment are the bedrock of our practice because we understand family members are interconnected and influence each other. At Wellness we offer family counseling services, along with therapy for children, adolescents, teenagers and young adults. We recognize good communication, cooperation, trust, emotional safety and connection as essential ingredients of resourceful living.

If you would like your child to be seen independently, take a look at Stephanie Davis. Stephanie is uniquely qualified to work with young people. She uses therapeutic play to help young children explore and express their emotions. She sees children age 3-12 as well as teens age 13-17 and young people approaching adulthood.

Click for more information about young children and Play Therapy in Charlotte, NC.

However, if you choose to work with us as a family, plan on four key steps as we:

  • Explore Relational Blocks – What gets in the way?
  • Access Underlying Emotions – How does that happen and what patterns develop?
  • Clarify Intentions – What would you prefer to have happen and what might that look like?
  • Promote Openness – Explore and initiate more openness and intentional engagement.

In family therapy we focus on patterns of interactions rather than focusing only on one person who may be challenging, unmotivated or acting out.

It’s important to mention that Family Therapy is a highly specialized skill set, and we are trained, credentialed and ready to help make a difference.

We also want to be transparent and let you know there are certain situations which may be beyond the scope of our practice and other specialized services are required. Those include but are not limited to eating disorders, ongoing / active addiction and potential self-harm. In such cases we will provide referrals and do what we can to help stabilize the family unit. For more information click here or call our Client Support team (704-319-5593).

At Wellness, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; whether your family is traditional or non-traditional.

We know there is a connection between Peace in the home and Peace in the world.

And it all starts in the human heart.

Young Family with Teen Daughter

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"My therapist has been an instrumental piece of my therapy journey. Her ability to listen and reflect and then guide has taught me not only where my trauma comes from but how to manage those experiences and feelings to live a balanced life. I am very grateful for her counsel, and she has always advocated for me to help find the best path forward. She is willing to go the extra mile, and that is greatly appreciated. Her versatile approach to therapy has allowed me to approach my trauma in many different ways."