Couples Counseling Intensive Retreat

1 Day Couples Intensive Retreat

Our 1 Day Couples Intensive Retreat is conducted in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is specially designed for busy couples who live locally and want to work with us in a powerful and accelerated way.

This personalized program covers about four weeks of couples’ therapy in one day and completes our assessment and discovery phase. After this 1 day couples retreat, you walk away with homework and a clear idea of your next step.

If you love each other, care about each other and you really want your relationship to work… If you are willing to take one full day to focus on your relationship and kickstart your work together, this may be the right fit for you.

Our time together is private, not a group effort, and is designed to help you restore hope and clear the decks for decision-making and your continuing work. Couples Counseling Retreat

Here are some of the things we will accomplish in our time together:

  • Identify your and your partner’s issues.
  • Identify your and your partner’s concerns.
  • Identify the biggest obstacle(s) in your relationship.
  • Begin to heal the sense of betrayal from infidelity or other unintended actions.
  • Track the argument you keep having – over and over again.
  • Review family or past relationship issues that might be getting in the way.
  • Discuss goals and objectives for our work together.
  • Start a new conversation.
  • Collaborate on a ‘next step’ for your relationship.

After Your Intensive:

Once you’ve taken the deep dive with this intensive couples counseling, we want to be sure you have all the on-going support you need. Whether you’re from Charlotte or traveled the globe to be with us, LeeAnne McClure, our Director of Client Relations, will guide you through your options for continuing your EFT journey of relationship healing and connection.

Payment, Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

We believe it’s important for you to know that during your Intensive all of our time and energy is devoted exclusively to you and your partner. We plan, block our calendars and prepare in order to assure you the best possible experience. For this reason, we want to be clear about our payment, cancellation and reschedule policy.

For all Intensives, half (50%) of the fee is due when you reserve the date and is non-refundable. The remaining balance (50%) is due 10 days before the Intensive begins. If for any reason you decide to cancel 11 days or more before your Intensive begins, your remaining balance will not be processed. If, however, you decide to reschedule at the 11 day mark or prior, your remaining balance will be processed according to the terms of the originally scheduled date.

If you cancel 10 days or less before the originally scheduled start date, your entire payment may be applied to a single rescheduled Intensive date. Please know, the rescheduled Intensive must be completed within 90 days from the original scheduled date.