About Wellness Counseling Center

How We Work & What We Stand For

8 Things You Might Want To Know About Wellness

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1. We do this work because we love it.

We love working with people and we’re committed to putting goodness into the world. Our entire practice is built on love, communication and empathy. We are deeply invested in helping people connect and discover emotional safety and closeness.

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2. We believe everyone deserves a safe haven, especially children.

We understand what we do makes a difference and has a ripple effect. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we know there is a connection between emotional safety and peace; in the human heart; at home and at work.

Kind People

3. We work with kind people.

We value kindness, and at the same time, we understand that people will have vigorous disagreements. Mean-spirited or dangerous behavior born out of hatred or an unquenchable need to win negates love and connection. This behavior along with ageism, sexism, racism or any other form of bigotry is unwelcome. Closeness requires kindness.

4. We’re here to make a difference in the world.

Every person counts. We view human connection as sacred and we’re proud to help people live full meaningful lives – together. We take a strong stance on diversity and believe everyone has the right to feel safe, heard and understood without feeling marginalized or pathologized.

Quality Service

5. We don't do average.

We’re committed to exceeding your expectations — and ours. We are laser focused and we specialize. We’re passionate about going above and beyond for you and your relationships. We’re equally committed to ourselves, our profession, our families and each other. We invite you to have the same level of commitment to your relationships while we work together.

Take a Stand For Love

6. We are not for everyone.

We take a stand for love and when it comes to relationships, we value both people. We refuse to mediate fights or take sides. Our No Blame/No Shame policy pretty much sums it up. We take our work seriously AND we know how to enjoy our clients and each other. We like to laugh and hope you do too.

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7. We love our clients.

You are the reason Wellness Counseling Center exists. When you improve and enhance your relationships, you make meaningful change in your life and in the world. We think that’s awesome! We’re committed to coaching you through a process that gives you and your relationships the best chance for success. We want to be sure you always feel valued, respected and appreciated.

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8. We've got your back.

We believe strongly in the work we do and the method we use. If there’s a situation we’re not best suited for, if something is not in our scope of practice, or if we believe we can’t help you… we promise to clearly disclose all that we can and refer you to other professionals and resources that best fit your needs. You’ve got our word on that.