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Tapping Into Generosity

You can’t expect much from a person who’s hurting or in crisis. Someone who’s drowning isn’t going to offer up a cocktail or ask about your day.

They’re in a panic and focused on keeping their head above water.

Generosity requires space and attention.

Stepping back. Tuning in.

Seeing where you are….where your partner is and asking….What’s the dance we’re doing right here? Right now? And, what’s so scary?

That moment requires a choice and the courage to share when the biggest part of you wants to lash out or run away.

Then there’s compassion, empathy and love.

Deep, emotional work that yields the stuff worth living for. But let’s not get into that now…..

Generosity only becomes possible when we snap back and trust ourselves long enough to tap into the fact that……

we’re not really drowning.