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Relationship Rule No.1: Create Bonds Not Bargains

11-08-15A great way to know if your relationship is going well is to start relating.

A great way to find out if your partner cares is to demonstrate caring.

A great way to create a loving partnership is to be a loving partner.

Information overload, tight schedules, demanding careers, technology and perfectionism keep folks, anxious and occupied.

In order to cope, most resort to a bargaining stance; ‘If you do this for me, I’ll do that for you.’

It works for a while — until you’re exhausted from endless tasks and routines.

Today people want the antidote because intimacy requires something else and it’s the one thing bargains cannot provide: emotional connection.

21st century couples need a new model.

Intimate bonds and great relationships don’t come out of nowhere.

And they don’t come from grand, sweeping gestures.

They come from tiny, interactions between people who care deeply and are willing to reach out, share and connect.