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Please Say Yes!

How you tune in is how you Love.

You can take that as a statement, a suggestion or the opportunity of a lifetime.

How you tune in is how you live.

Can you stay present when you see pain in her eyes?

Can you hear her gasp for your tenderness?

Can you feel his pain when a good man says, I don’t know how to make you happy?

Only by tuning in. Observing. Honoring the longing.
Are you willing to get comfortable with the unknown? (Please say yes!)

Will you take a stand for Love so powerful that opposition, comparisons and electronic media cannot possibly sway you?

Not to be a fool for efficiency or romance, you become a disciple of connection.

Will you be the inspiration? (Please say yes!)

Then do what the old rules about Love tell you NOT to do. Forget flowers and chocolate. Forget perfection. Forget fixing.

Be still. Lean in. Listen to your lovers pain. Then it will be very clear.

Take down the walls and choose life sustaining, courageous Love. It will sound something like this….

I am here. I know who I am.

I am accessible.
I am responsive.
I am engaged.