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Only For You

The story you tell yourself is true, but only for you.

We see and hear everything through our own eyes and ears.

Our brain compares what we see and hear to what we expect. Then, our brain creates stories around every interaction we have.

We form an opinion, make judgments and the story we tell ourself becomes our truth. It’s our understanding of the world. Those stories become our belief… about a person, place or situation. It’s how we make sense of things.

Other people, even those you love, don’t see the same things you see. They don’t process with your brain or believe what you believe.

So yes. It really did happen. You lived it and have feelings about it. The consequences are real and belong to you.

But, no one else has ever had the same experience as you.

And, while the story you tell yourself may be true, it isn’t true for everyone.

Only you.