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Love and Loneliness

Creating emotional balance and safety in a topsy-turvy world seems impossible some days.

Intuitively, we know love, attention and connection are are key; everywhere present and scarce at the same time.

So we seek it. Crave it. Demand it.

While the essence of it all might just be about mastering how to give and receive it.

What we believe matters… now more than ever.

About The Author: Anne Hancock, Psy.D.

Anne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. She specializes in working with couples and always works from a non-blaming / non-pathologizing point of view. Her passion is helping couples connect. Anne is an approved AAMFT Supervisor and clinical fellow of the following professional associations: CAMFT (California Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) NCAMFT (North Carolina Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) AAMFT (American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) ICEEFT (International Association for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy).