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Choosing Chocolate

It used to be easy to choose a chocolate bar.  Sectioned milk chocolate in a brown wrapper.  Done.

Today it’s more complicated and choosing a chocolate bar has consequences – real or perceived.

  • Is the cocoa content over 70%?
  • Is it compatible with red wine?
  • Will it reduce my cortisol levels?
  • Increase blood circulation to my brain?
  • Is it gluten free?
  • USDA Organic?
  • Were the beans sustainably grown and were the growers paid a fair wage?

You get my point.

Going beyond the run-of-the-mill-check-out-counter-chocolate-bar can get confusing. The same is true about relationships.

Yet, there is ONE special quality you bring to the table that impacts your relationship more than any other: Perception

Perception allows you to be receptive, have empathy, give the benefit of the doubt, expand your boundaries, lavish kindness, be generous and see simple ordinary acts as something extraordinary.

It’s hard but a shift in perception allows you to see things differently and actually moves you into making different choices.

You might ask…… Why?  Why should I…..?

Because you choose to.