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What’s It Worth?

What’s an extraordinary relationship worth?

It’s worth a lot to some people but what is it worth to you?

We know the definition of the word love and we all have an idea of what a relationship ‘should’ be.

We also know what normal looks like. It’s what happens when two people get together, do things and make a pledge.

But connection is rare. It’s when we show up whole, experience the harmony of opposites and surprise ourselves in unexpected ways. It’s an experience beyond normal.

Connection isn’t loud. It creates a kind of tension that buzzes. It’s disruptive and calming at the same time. It unnerves us and feels scary as it breaks through the status quo. It’s full of power, yet has nothing to do with power-over. It changes both people; the giver and the recipient.

So yeah, it’s worth a lot. But the hard part isn’t finding someone to be in a relationship with. The hard part is shaping it, being accountable, holding your lover accountable, speaking up when it’s difficult, doing more than you’re asked, and supporting each other’s dreams.

When you feel loved and connected, you have a strong platform to launch from and a safe haven to go back to. You can show up in the world as your best self.

This is not a time to step back or walk away from love and connection.

Rather, it’s the perfect moment to step forward because the world needs YOU and your unique gifts – now more than ever.