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Sometimes Hope is Enough

I imagine some couples glide thru life and wake up cheerful every day. They agree on most issues, share everything, and use their energy in a perfectly harmonious division of duties. I’ve never met one of those couples but movies and magazines want us to believe they’re out there somewhere.

More human and more admirable is the couple who – when things are stressful – stumbles and struggles to find ways to reach for each other without blaming or defending, winning or losing. Those partners look for ways to understand and support. They lean into each other when the need is urgent; talk, hold hands or sit silently letting the other know ‘I’m here for you.’ That kind of warmth and reassurance takes courage especially when others would give up and walk away.

Look in the opposite direction and you’ll find distressed couples who love each other, yet find themselves isolated and alone; experiencing exhaustion and despair. Their happiness disappearing into a black hole.

I believe people who love each other, deserve to be in a warm, honoring, caring, safe, supportive relationship. It’s the place where humans thrive – especially children.

Today it’s okay if your relationship isn’t perfect or wonderful. There are moments when hope is enough.