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Searching for Connection

Love and connection seem complicated and mysterious.Peaceful Happy Couple

With it, humans thrive. Without it – not so much.

Relationship distress is a little known and unacknowledged public health issue in the United States. As a culture, we don’t think of depression, anxiety and other health issues that way.

The good news is – relationship disconnect or insecure attachment – is rapidly becoming THE issue of the 21st century.

While a definitive answer to connection eludes us, last week, after years of research and collaboration, a groundbreaking study was released. It showed, for the first time, how the brain sees and responds to threat.

Science is giving us a deeper understanding of how love works.

DangerThe study reveals that when the brain is infused with a sense of connection and love, it’s more serene and less overwhelmed. Danger, real or perceived, doesn’t seem quite so… dangerous.

This calming effect is true not just for kids who run to mom and dad to be held. It’s also true for adults and demonstrates the power of touch and loving contact to provide safety and comfort.

Our brains are hardwired to use connection with others to help us cope in an uncertain world. Science is finally confirming that relationship and connection are closely linked to health and well-being.

At Wellness, it’s affirming to know that Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), our method of choice, was instrumental in the study.

It helped provide a window into the world of love, comfort and brain function.

You can’t help but wonder…maybe love isn’t so complicated and mysterious after all.Happy, Fulfilled Couple