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Are You Feeling Stuck? Start a Movement

Humans have the capacity to see the world through a whimsical lens or a weighty one. As a result, feelings usually ebb and flow. But sometimes… I can get stuck – I mean really, really stuck.Get Unstuck

It’s a universal human experience and happens to everyone.

Stuck-ness creeps in without warning and… when it does…. it reigns supreme and colors everything.

Personally, I’d rather not admit these things yet secrecy and shame make stuck-ness grow. It’s important to pay attention to stuck-ness…and embrace it rather than deny it.

Cultivating just a little understanding (and kindness) toward stuck-ness helps switch the lens and starts a transformation.

This may be a perfect time to explore….

I rarely watch news anymore – TV or online – it doesn’t matter. Watching the news doesn’t work for me because… if I do, I walk away agitated and confused — feeling bad.

Glossy magazines — print and digital – have a similar effect. Seeing all those perfectly-airbrushed-photo-shopped people makes me want to take to my bed with a pint of Häagen-Dazs®.

By not participating in the news, I thought I’d be left behind, not knowing…. uninformed…..out of the loop. That worried me because like all humans, my mind is active, hungry for new information and my heart is eager to relate.

We’re built that way…. we humans. We’re social animals – exquisitely designed to learn and connect.turtles

So like millions of others, I’ve had to find new sources for NEW.

(That’s not a typo. I want new – without the ‘s’ and without manipulation.)

What I’ve learned….to get unstuck….. sometimes you have to risk ….with love… and start a movement: Sit up. Stand up. Speak up. Reach out.

Just start.

Hint. Hint. You may need a little help along the way. It takes two and here’s how.