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The Best Thing I Never Told My Husband

Some of my best thoughts come to me while in an airport security line or on the tarmac just before take-off OR on my morning walk.

They’re generous, complimentary and carry a sense of appreciation.

Inevitably, I don’t have a pen handy, my phone’s at the bottom of my purse and I’m not at my laptop.

So I make a mental note — Remember to tell Steven XYZ… I think it through, even rehearse it under my breath… and then it’s gone. I forget.

That thought, that wonderful big-hearted thought… the one that could be a gigantic gift and make his day, goes unsaid.

It’s unrighteous. Maybe even selfish.

I think that’s how it works in a lot of relationships…

The compliment that isn’t shared.

The gratitude that goes unexpressed.

The lavish thought about a person’s best quality – can turn brash or presumptuous;

Well of course s/he’s loyal, we’re married, aren’t we?

Those don’t count.

In adult relationships, words matter.

And expressing them matters even more.

Soft, soothing words heal and it’s not too late to reach out and connect.