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3 Tips To Help You Avoid Painful Communication Mistakes

Making just a few small shifts in your communication patterns can be very powerful in connecting with others. Great communication skills help you:

  • avoid conflict.
  • get what you want.
  • improve relationships.
  • make it easier for people to hear you and understand you.Communication

Verbal and non-verbal communication allows humans to relate in ways that deepen relationships and create connection. The better you communicate the more profound and fulfilling your relationships become.

Try following these 3 simple tips today:

1) Make eye contact using soft eyes. This is a powerful form of non-verbal communication and lets your listener know I am here, I see you and you are safe with me.

2) Know the channel on which you (and your listener!) communicate. Humans tend to communicate and process information in one of 3 or 4 ways. Think of them as channels;

  •     visual,
  •     auditory and
  •     kinesthetic/experiential and
  •     digital/conceptual.

Visual communicators and processors will say something like ‘I see what you’re talking about’ or ‘I get the picture.‘

Auditory processors might say ‘I hear you’’ or ‘Yep, that rings a bell’ or ‘That sounds good.’

Kinesthetic or experiential communicators will say something like: ‘That feels accurate’ or ‘That fits.’

Digital or conceptual processors may say: ‘That makes sense conceptually’ or ‘I get the concept.’

What channel are you on? Do you know what channel your listener is on?

3) Tell the truth. Truth-telling is difficult but hidingtruth or withholding information turns out to be much more stressful in the long run. Deception of any kind even if it’s just withholding bits of essential information – is always harmful to a relationship. You can eliminate unnecessary stress by being transparent. Practice truth-telling and radical honesty today and every day.

Communication is important and great communication takes practice.

  •     Try tuning in to your partner today.
  •     Make contact using soft eyes.
  •     Tell the truth.

Something remarkable is likely to happen.