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Transforming A Relationship

Transform a Relationship

Remember when your relationship was new, and everything was…easy…breezy…and fun?

That thrilling sensation usually leads us to believe that new love will solve all problems and sweep away life’s challenges.

We imagine life with no pain…no struggles…and a future filled with happiness, rainbows and unicorns.

But, intellectually, we know better. We know it’s not really going to happen that way.

After all, life is messy and perfection is a tremendous burden to place on anyone. We all know the perfect relationship is an impossible task.

As adults, we figure out that challenges and obstacles are inevitable and will continue…no matter what.

New ones will always crop up…but a loving partner and a secure relationship can make a huge difference.

A loving partnership helps us remove obstacles and approach challenges with less fear. Things seem easier and we feel less alone when our partner has our back.

It’s when things go sideways and we don’t feel their support that doubt and resentment seep in.

Obstacles look insurmountable and challenges can seem impossible when we have to face them by ourselves.

That’s why it’s important to explore: (Note to LYNNE: Use bold font and 3 bullet points below)

Maybe relationships are less about avoiding life’s challenges and more about figuring out how to get thru them together.

  • How do we show up for each other?
  • What is it that rocks our world and moves us off-center?
  • How do we change that pattern?

And maybe…just maybe…the things we call challenges…

are the universe’s way of transforming us and our relationships.