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Tis the Season: Love, Resentment and Happiness

Picture of Unhappy Couple

We all have decisions to make around careers, love, and partnerships.

And making good decisions makes us happy.

It’s a simple concept, but not easy.

Because when life is stressful, it’s hard to know where to begin. Good decisions can seem out of reach.

We might doubt ourselves or think of others as the source of our confusion and unhappiness.

Take a closer look and we can see why.

We are social creatures who are hard-wired to connect, and our happiness depends largely on our relationship with others.

Without love, friends, and community, it’s hard to be happy.

Loneliness guarantees misery and we humans are super creative at trying to avoid it.

One sure thing that leads to loneliness and misery is… anger.

Think about it. Every violent act in the world begins with an angry thought.

Hurting others always hurts me too.

An angry thought disturbs my peace and happiness long before it disturbs anyone else’s.

That’s why it’s impossible to experience peace, joy and happiness while seething with anger.

Yes, you might carry resentment around for years without actually hurting the object of your resentment.

But you have nevertheless hurt yourself in immeasurable ways.

If you want to make good decisions and you want to be happy, it’s in your self-interest to do something about your anger first.