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Communication: Time for a tune-up?


Everything we do, say, and think makes a difference and carries weight in our relationship.

It’s all communication.

When we understand this fundamental concept, we can start to see that it’s time for a tune up.

It’s also a great time to understand the potential we hold for positive change in our relationship.

At first, you might brush-off the idea and think it’s absurd.

You might think it’s your partner’s responsibility to initiate change.

Or, maybe you think taking the “first step” is a sign of weakness.

Acknowledging the kind of power I’m talking about might even feel downright terrifying.

The very idea that “every single thought, word and action somehow impacts my relationship and the world around me” can be overwhelming.

It’s too much…and…you might think,

What if I have negative thoughts about my partner AND myself?

What about those?


What if you were able to catch those negative thoughts, become aware of them, not chase them or get involved with them?

What if you were able to turn things around and safely acknowledge those thoughts out loud?

What if you could create enough space to plant seeds for new, positive thoughts to flourish?

Imagine thinking, saying and doing things that contribute positively to your relationship…every single day…just enough…to be a catalyst for change and a force for good?

What would that look like?

How would that feel?