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The Power of Support, Empowerment and Repair

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When it comes to our primary relationship, what if we embraced a new way of thinking?

What if our sense of belonging was no longer tied to any sense of ownership or dominance?

What if we let go of the idea of transactional fairness…as in…I’ll do this for you if you do that for me.

Instead, what if each person were fully accountable?

What if partners were considered enthusiastic supporters and cheerleaders for one another’s hopes and dreams?

Perhaps we would learn to stand in the fire together, shoulder to shoulder and be there with each other.

We’d learn to “hold space” during challenging times without trying to edit, fix or rescue.

Maybe this is the new essence of relating.

A new paradigm of relating and creating a life together.

Because the way we relate…seems to be the life we create.

What if it’s all based on intention…followed by our words, behaviors and thoughts?

Put differently, what if the way we show up determines the quality of our relationship…and the quality of our life?

Hopefully we’re almost there…relating with some degree of awareness.

Without changing who we are. Without asking anyone else to change.

Simply pausing long enough to witness and then…

bringing our best selves to the table in every interaction.

And when things don’t work out quite the way we’d hoped…

when we’re busy…overwhelmed

or caught up in the story of how things ‘should’ be…

hopefully, we’re brave enough to pause, revisit the moment and find ways to repair.