Premarital Counseling at The Wellness Counseling Center

Premarital Counseling

Insightful. Reliable. Effective.

Online and In-Person Sessions Available Now

If you’re engaged or considering marriage with your partner and want to build a strong, committed relationship, we have several team members ready to help. Start here and if you need more information, our Client Support team can help with that too. Wellness’ personalized premarital counseling program puts you on a path of life-long growth and relationship satisfaction.

Build Skills and Create a Life of Abundance Together

We start with a comprehensive assessment and skill-building exercises. Then, together, we identify and clarify core values while focusing on what’s important to you and your relationship.

  • Enjoy more conversation, less conflict.
  • Discuss families, values, spiritual beliefs and parenting styles.
  • Understand each other better.
  • Deepen your bond.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Improve your relationship skills.