Premarital Counseling at The Wellness Counseling Center

Premarital Counseling

Insightful. Reliable. Effective.

Both In-Person and Online Sessions Available

If you’re considering marriage and want to build a strong, committed relationship, we have several team members ready to help. Take a look at Courtney Costa and Sarah Faircloth, two of our therapists who see premarital couples and if you need more information, our Client Support team (704-319-5593) can help.

Wellness’ personalized premarital counseling program puts you on a path of life-long growth and relationship satisfaction. Premarital counseling is known to reduce the likelihood of divorce by as much as 30%.

Our personalized program is an investment in your future especially if you’re trying to strengthen your relationship bond and build a solid foundation for your marriage. You and your partner may also be good candidates for pre-marriage counseling if you are recently engaged and have issues you would like to resolve before they become damaging to your relationship.

Premarital counseling will help you and your partner:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your relationship
  • Gain new appreciation and insight on your personalities
  • Identify and address stress points
  • Finesse a crisis you may be experiencing, then help work through it and benefit from it
  • Build strength as individuals while you move forward as a couple
  • Create a life of abundance together

In our premarital couples counseling process we will:

  • Start with a comprehensive Prepare and Enrich assessment.
  • Identify strengths and growth areas for you to focus on as a couple.
  • Complete skill-building exercises during our sessions and provide tools you can use as we talk through some difficult yet important topics.
  • Help you clarify core values while staying laser focused on premarital coaching and what’s important to you and your relationship.

More confidence. More conversation. Less conflict.