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Bea is a Certified Life & Leadership Coach and a champion for learning, growth and increased self-awareness. She’s experienced in working with professionals, C-suite executives and those who may want to change the trajectory of their life entirely.

She specializes in supporting people who want to achieve extraordinary, lasting results.

Bea’s forward-thinking process includes:

  • identifying your key values, beliefs, aspirations.
  • setting important self-generated goals.
  • identifying potential obstacles.
  • helping you gain clarity on what you will do differently.
  • holding you accountable.

There are cues that coaching services may be the right choice for you. For example, if you’re ready to define and achieve a new vision for your life or if you’re in the middle of an overwhelming transition that’s happened despite your choosing.

In these situations, it’s important to have a champion for your growth.

Bea is that champion. She’s a change-agent and your advocate. She knows how to ask the hard questions, assign fieldwork and hold you accountable.

She partners with you to get you unstuck and moving again. You begin seeing new possibilities, stretching boundaries and stepping into your potential. You get clear, start building new competencies, gain confidence and get results.

You’ve accomplished a lot and you’re already successful. Yet, success and fulfillment are different things. Bea understands this distinction. She helps you identify what’s getting in the way of living your dream life and gently moves you toward self-awareness and critical action steps. This enables you to achieve the kind of change only you can imagine.

You may want to consider working with Bea if you’re:

  • a professional and your true calling is pulling you in a new direction.
  • an entrepreneur and you long to slow down, take time for family, give back …maybe even travel the world.
  • a C-suite executive and you’re considering retirement, launching a new project or a second career.
  • a parent whose career has been on hold and now, you’re ready to make your mark on the world in exciting, new ways.

A graduate of Villanova University (BA, Business) Bea’s also done work in marketing, ethics and held senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. Her experience includes operations, strategic planning, workforce management, human resources and over 14 years of professional coaching.

Bea is a certified coach and member of ICF (International Coach Federation). She received formal Coach Training, grounded in mindfulness, somatics, interpersonal neurobiology, developmental psychology and leadership theory, through:

  • Presence Based Coaching™
  • Coaches Training Institute Co-Active® Coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches

Bea is a Conversational Intelligence for Coaches Enhanced Skills Practitioner.

Originally from New York, Bea lived in the Midwest before moving to Charlotte. She loves to golf, hike, bike, cook and travel with her husband, Dave. As a mother, wife, professional and life-long learner she understands the challenge and creativity required for fulfilling work-life integration.

Office Hours:

Monday – In-office, phone or virtually via Zoom.
Tuesday – In-office, phone or virtually via Zoom.
Thursday – In-office, phone or virtually via Zoom.

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