Weekly Sessions:

Spencer Setcavage M.A.
Couple 175 | Individual 135

Dontrell Brailsford – Graduate Intern
Couple 155 | Individual 125

Stephanie Davis M.A.
Parent/Family 265 | Individual 235

Bea Germinario M.A.
Couple 225 | Individual 175

Nicole Kelly – Graduate Intern
Couple 155 | Individual 125

Sheila Mull M.A.
Couple 295 | Individual 195

Mackenzie Morris – Graduate Intern
Couple 125 | Individual 100

Beth McCain M.A.
Couple 350 | Individual 250

Anne Hancock Psy.D.
Couple 425 | Individual 325

Intensives / Retreats:

1 Day Couples Intensive | Sheila Mull | 2400
1 Day Couples Intensive | Beth McCain | 2550
1 Day Couples Intensive | Anne Hancock | 2850

2 1/2 Day Couples Intensive | Beth McCain | 5750
2 1/2 Day Couples Intensive | Anne Hancock | 7750

Payment, Cancellation and Reschedule Policy:

We believe it’s important for you to know that during your Intensive all of our time and energy is devoted exclusively to you and your partner. We plan, block our calendars and prepare in order to assure you the best possible experience. For this reason, we want to be clear about our payment, cancellation and reschedule policy.

For all Intensives, half (50%) of the fee is due when you reserve the date and is non-refundable. The remaining balance (50%) is due 10 days before the Intensive begins. If for any reason you decide to cancel 11 days or more before your Intensive begins, your remaining balance will not be processed. If, however, you decide to reschedule at the 11 day mark or prior, your remaining balance will be processed according to the terms of the originally scheduled date.

If you cancel 10 days or less before the originally scheduled start date, your entire payment may be applied to a single rescheduled Intensive date. Please know, the rescheduled Intensive must be completed within 90 days from the original scheduled date.

Insurance and Health Savings Accounts:

Some clients use HSA debit cards and we provide you with a statement after every standard session. Our services may be covered by your insurance plan, however we do not file the claims. Our relationship is with you, not the insurance company. Workshops and Intensives are not covered by insurance.

We also want you to know, in advance, that if you file a claim for therapy from any office – including ours – it must include a mental health diagnosis which will remain on your medical record in perpetuity. We choose not to participate in this process. If you want to file a claim, we will be happy to provide you with all the documentation you will need.