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Before That Clock Strikes Midnight on December 31st

Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop

It’s almost 2019 and I want to end the year with a HUGE thank you.

Throughout 2018 I’ve been moved by the warm comments you’ve shared with me about how our workshops and Intensives have impacted your life.

Seeing couples like you create real, affirmative change means more to me than just about anything on this planet.

“There are no words to properly describe how impactful the intensive retreat was… It changed our relationship and my life profoundly.”

“This workshop was very helpful for my husband and I in learning a new, more intimate way of talking to each other about our needs. We both feel we have reached a new level of connecting and communicating and that we are working together better as partners since attending.”

I know you’re committed to LOVE and to loving relationships so before that clock strikes midnight on December 31st, check out this short list to see if our Intensives and Workshops make sense for you or someone you care about:

You have the same arguments over and over again and you can’t get out of the loop.

You want to have conversations that bring you closer and create connection.

Your relationship is at a tipping point and you want to keep things from getting worse.

You experienced an emotional or physical affair and you want to re-establish trust.

You’re unclear how things got so stressful between you and you’re ready for a change.

If any one of these resonate, you need to join us in 2019. It’s a perfect gift and you can supercharge your results with our special pricing.

Use this $250 gift voucher to register for an Intensive before December 31 ……and attend in 2019! Simply set up your Intensive with Beth McCain before year-end. I invite you to meet Beth McCain by watching her video below:

(You may know others – friends, family, colleagues – who would benefit from our programs too. Now is the perfect time to let them know.)

It’s not easy doing all that you do while managing your relationship. It may even feel like you’re spinning plates and your efforts go unnoticed. They don’t. Your relationship matters and YOU matter to a lot of people.

YOU make a difference in this world. Now is the time to make time for YOU.

LOVE isn’t like icing on a cake. It’s everything – like oxygen – and a loving relationship makes your world better….easier …..and makes life worthwhile.

Join us in 2019 for the LOVE of your life.

We thank you. We appreciate you. And we look forward to serving you in the New Year.

Much love,