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The New Leadership Imperative

3. Crisis: Business As UNUSUAL: A crisis must call into question all current rules and policies. Some rules and policies that were created in a different time or circumstance may need to go by the wayside…either for the short term or the long term. Relax the rules to meet employees and other stakeholders where they are in order to keep things rolling in the right direction. Have a healthy willingness to adjust your processes to serve them however you can. Make every reasonable effort.

4. Secret Sauce: Intersection between employee needs and business needs. Organizations will disappear without people. Sensitivity to your people’s needs over rigid structures need to be a top priority. Make every effort to understand where they are emotionally and leverage their talents to get through the crisis. Give employees a chance to shine and step up…have confidence, support them and they are likely to exceed your expectations. Let people thrive and contribute. It requires trust and the realization you cannot do it all yourself. Say that out loud. “I cannot do it all.” You’ve got to move quickly and thoughtfully. Lead and think strategically and let your team get things done.

5. Pace Over Perfection: It’s time to move…thoughtfully, swiftly and confidently. Good enough is good enough. Keep moving. Triage: What do we absolutely need to implement so we can function and keep the lights on and serve our customers…what are the most critical functions – what can wait and for how long… then shape new processes to fit your new reality. Communicate, connect, collaborate and have the courage to make your moves and adjust as needed. Perfection is not an option.

6. Don’t Let a Crisis Go To Waste: It is often during these difficult events that real transformation happens. New ideas emerge from the most unlikely places. Long held beliefs, ideas, legacy thinking and processes that have been too rigid or too entrenched may finally get the modern facelift they’ve needed. Don’t stress about the forced changes…you, your team and your customers have been wondering when you’d come into the 21st century. Stay connected to your employees and key stakeholders. They are counting on it. Don’t let them down.

7. Give Yourself Oxygen: Take care of yourself, stay healthy. Rest, eat well, exercise and stay connected. You’re needed now more than ever. If you’re sick and unavailable, who will lead.

If not you, then who?