LeeAnne McClure, Director of Client Relations

Portrait of LeeAnne McClure

LeeAnne provides extraordinary support to the work we do and the method we use – EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) – and understands how it sets us apart from every other option.

She is active behind the scenes and passionate about her work. LeeAnne creates safety and puts people at ease helping to ensure an exceptional client experience. Her top priority is for every Wellness client to feel validated, honored and heard.

Talking with our clients and guiding them through their options never gets old to LeeAnne. When asked why, she says…”I see couples who love each other, have tried different ways and are ready for a re-set. Our Intensives are amazing and a game changer…in every way”.

With her wonderful sense of order, LeeAnne keeps everyone organized. She also applies her sensitivity and flair to our office environment making it comfortable and inviting. Making the ordinary extraordinary, is a special quality LeeAnne brings to Wellness. She is authentic, your biggest cheerleader, and committed to the highest level of service possible; making sure every detail is covered.

She coordinates:

  • Couples Intensives
  • Workshops
  • Special Projects
  • Team Meetings
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Community Events

In her personal life as wife and mother, LeeAnne enjoys volunteering, a great cup of coffee and spending time with her active sports family.