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Registration is open and I’m super excited!

I’m thrilled to announce that Early Bird Registration (big savings!) is open for our 2019 Hold Me Tight® Workshops here in Charlotte, NC.

We have four 2-day weekends to choose from!


Yep. I’m that excited.

Most of us value our primary relationship and truly want to make it better – we read books and spend hours scouring the internet wondering how to make that special connection happen.

We carefully and regularly attend to our…

  • children
  • careers
  • cars
  • yards
  • mortgages and
  • home improvement projects

with LOTS of success.

But if you work your tail off and can’t figure out why things aren’t getting better between you and your partner — you are not alone.

(HINT: this is not something we’re taught in school. And people rarely recognize emotional closeness as a skill worth building and cultivating. Turns out, it’s as essential as oxygen!)

Make no mistake – the ability for a couple to have enough closeness and trust to have an important conversation (or any conversation for that matter!) without slipping into a negative spin – is a must-have for 21st century relationships.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in our Hold Me Tight® Workshop for Couples.

After 2 days and 7 conversations, you’ll walk away with concrete ways to communicate and pull your partner closer.

Talking, listening and being heard for the first time in a loooooong time is exactly what you’ll experience.

Click here and select the date that works for you……

I’ve been doing this work for ages and these qualities do not happen by accident.

Nor is it about ‘trying harder’, ‘giving in’ or waiting another 6 months, 12 months or years until the kids are gone.

The secret is focusing on a few critical skills that make a HUGE difference – and get your partner’s attention — while ignoring all the other stuff most people use while trying to get their point across.

Building a stronger, better relationship is one of most important things you can do. It’s likely to be one of the proudest accomplishments of your life. And, paradoxically, it’s almost impossible to do on your own.

That’s why I hope to see you in the room with us!

Why not take a moment now and reserve your seat or reach out to us @ 704-319-5593 and get more information?

My team stands ready to answer your questions and help in any way we can.