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As leaders in the field of couples therapy, and the first practice in the Carolinas to serve couples exclusively, we always have one goal in mind: to help people connect.

In-Person and Online Marriage & Couples Counseling in
Columbia, SC

Just for a moment, imagine working with someone who cares about you, your relationship, your family, and your future; someone who understands attachment, bonding, love, and forgiveness.

At Wellness Counseling Center, relationship counseling is our specialty. We’ve been practicing Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples almost exclusively since 2012 and conducting Intensives and Retreats for more than a decade.

Now, we’re proud to welcome residents of Lexington, SC, and the Columbia Metro area to experience the benefits of compassionate, effective relationship therapy.

Meet Sheila Mull, Our Couples Therapist in Columbia, SC

When it comes to serving our clients, Sheila Mull provides the gold standard in marriage counseling in Lexington and Columbia, SC.

Sheila holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (Pfeiffer University) and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice (ECU).

'Sheila Mull Therapist

Her career path includes two decades in law enforcement where she served as an officer, sergeant, and hostage negotiator. She later transitioned into higher education as an instructor and academic advisor.

As a certified EFT therapist and one of our most experienced team members, Sheila is uniquely qualified to help couples improve communication, re-establish trust, address infidelity, and stop negative cycles from hijacking their loving relationship.

Sheila is honored and deeply committed to supporting individuals, couples, and families who long for a closer connection. When a couple argues or deals with betrayal or loss of trust, their relationship can benefit from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with Sheila serving as a warm-hearted guide and empathic listener.

Columbia and Lexington residents seeking a powerful way to kickstart healing in their relationship trust Sheila as the go-to for 1-day couples intensives.

She also offers pre-marriage counseling in Columbia, SC to couples who want to explore their strengths and opportunities before walking down the aisle.

Contact us here or call us at 704-319-5593 to schedule your first Columbia couples counseling appointment. Both in-person and online marriage and pre-marital counseling are available.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Marriage counseling offers a supportive and nurturing environment aimed at enhancing relationships and resolving conflicts.

Within this safe and welcoming space, couples — whether they’re married or in long-term partnerships — are encouraged to openly share their concerns, identify areas for growth, and embark on a journey toward mutual understanding and resolution.

This collaborative process hinges on the active involvement and dedication of both partners. With the therapist’s gentle guidance and expertise, couples navigate challenges, foster deeper connections, and cultivate healthier dynamics.

Through heartfelt communication, genuine empathy, and a shared commitment to growth, couples can embark on a path toward building a more resilient and fulfilling relationship.

At Wellness Counseling Center, we utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy, which focuses on fostering secure emotional bonds between partners. Through EFT, we help couples identify and understand their underlying emotions and attachment patterns, facilitating deeper connection and intimacy.

Absolutely, individual counseling sessions are available in addition to couples counseling. We recognize that individual needs and concerns may arise within the context of a relationship, and sometimes it’s beneficial for each partner to explore these issues independently.

Whether you prefer individual sessions, couples counseling, or even counseling for families, we tailor our approach to best meet your needs and goals for therapy.

Columbia marriage counseling is not exclusively for married couples; we also work with unmarried couples or couples in long-term relationships. Our counseling services are available to any couple seeking support and guidance to improve their relationship, regardless of their marital status.

Whether you’re dating, engaged, or in a committed partnership, we’re here to help you navigate challenges, enhance communication, and strengthen your connection.

Our fees vary based on the therapist you select and range between $125 and $425.

We operate on a fee-for-service basis and do not directly accept insurance. However, you can utilize your HSA card for our services. Should you require it, we’re happy to give you a statement that you can use to file an insurance claim.

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