In-Person Or Online Life Coach

Creative. Empowering. Extraordinary.

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or uninspired in your personal life or career? Do you wish to change the trajectory of your life entirely but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re in transition and could benefit from someone who can help you navigate from one stage to the next.

You are creative. You have a gift and a vision. And, when you find yourself in the midst of change, you want clarity.

You want the space and safety to set goals and create a plan with actionable steps that get you exactly where you want to go.

Imagine someone committed to your success, who stands with you side-by-side and wants you to land on your feet as you create your ideal life; someone who can work with you in person, by phone, or online.

You may be an entrepreneur ready to launch a project and you want it to be outstanding. But, you’re concerned about the time and energy it’s going to take.

Maybe you’re a busy executive in a job transition or getting ready to step into a challenging new role and need an effective 100-Day Plan to ensure your success and establish key relationships.

Or perhaps you’re a successful attorney. Or a surgeon. Or an engineer. You chose your career early in life, climbed the ladder and now it’s time to start something new. You’re ready to explore, take the leap and step out of your comfort zone. There’s a certain endeavor you’ve always wanted to take on or a contribution you want to make to the world.

Or maybe you’re a business owner and parent who simply wants to minimize stress and increase work/life balance. You know this can positively impact you and everyone around you.

Or maybe you’re a planner and you’re thinking ahead and want to navigate a major transition like retirement — not just the financial side — you’ve got that. But what will you do? Where will you live? And, what will retirement look like?

You may have a vision, but making decisions about exactly what you want to do with your life is not easy when you feel stuck. It takes exploration, planning and careful execution. First, you need space and time to think, dream and cultivate your ideas.

When there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be, you’ll need clarity to move forward with confidence. Outdated beliefs, fears and old habits can get in the way of reaching your potential and achieving your dreams.

Picture having a life transition coach who meets you right where you are, supports you, partners with you and helps you set self-generated goals. From there, you begin creating an actionable plan that enables you to achieve the results you want.

If you’re looking for the best life coach who has experience guiding individuals through different kinds of challenges and transitions, Bea Germinario helps you get to the heart of the matter quickly and provides that kind of steady, unbiased counsel. And as you clarify your goals, she helps you identify and remove obstacles that are holding you back. Together, you mark your progress as you start moving in the direction of your dreams.

We Offer Three Coaching Programs to Consider

Personal Empowerment

During the first 100 days or first 90 days of coaching, you’ll get clarity on what current issues you want to address. Then, together we’ll challenge old assumptions and discover what’s true for you right now. Whether you meet in person or work virtually, your life coach will stand side-by-side with you, challenge you and hold you accountable. In addition to your one-on-one meetings, she’ll stay in contact with you via phone and email to offer advice and counsel as you implement your plan. We recommend a minimum 90-day startup and six months of ongoing coaching so you can work your project through to completion.

  • Challenge Assumptions
  • Identify Limiting Beliefs
  • Clarify, Set and Achieve Goals
  • Design the Life You Want

Business Leadership

You’re a high achiever and you know what you want. Getting there, however, is another matter. When you want to grow your team, be a better leader, advance your career or transition into an exciting new role, you need a private and trusted advisor who has experience in executing coaching. Bea Germinario works with you to create a plan that sets you in motion and demonstrates your expertise quickly. Her leadership mentoring and coaching skills will also challenge you and hold you accountable every step of the way. Executive coaching can be a transformative experience that can help enhance your leadership capacity and facilitate a higher level of performance — for you, your team and your organization.

  • Get a Clear Perspective
  • Create Your 100-Day Plan
  • Lead With Conviction
  • Get to the Next Level

VIP Intensive

You’re a fast learner, comfortable with rigorous self-examination, and ready to set aside an entire day for one-on-one strategic planning. Your coach will help you clarify goals, create a vision that’s unique and meaningful to you, and help you develop a clear, actionable plan. Enjoy six follow-up coaching sessions over the next 90 days along with daily access and accountability as you execute your plan.

  • Refocus Your Energy
  • Align Your Priorities
  • Create Your Blueprint
  • Get Results

Life coaching services can be done via phone, in person or online — or a combination of the foregoing. We will customize our services based on your unique situation.