Leadership Coaching

If you are feeling the stress, conflict and overwhelm created by the demands of the 21st century workplace keep reading.

Online Sessions Available Now

Are you looking to build resilience, a positive mindset or gain clarity so you can make an impact while maintaining work/life balance.

Leadership Coaching benefits executives and professionals alike looking to enhance skills, improve performance, reduce conflict and pivot successfully to the next big thing. Other objectives include minimizing stress, connecting with others and making a positive impact on people you care about.

Leadership Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Identify Your Purpose
  • Increase Self-confidence
  • Reduce Conflict and Build a Culture of Connection and Collaboration
  • Prepare to Take Action
  • Launch a Second Career
  • Plan – First 100 Days
  • Enhance Leadership Skills
  • Lead Teams / Enhance Productivity
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Lead With Courage
  • Create a More Balance, Energized and Satisfying Life
  • Align Personal Goals With Strategic Goals
  • Clarify Your Leadership Agenda
  • Think More Strategically

Your coach, Bea Germinario, will walk with you, side-by-side; working with you in-person, by phone or online. As change happens, you begin creating your ideal life.

If you’ve achieved success and life is more chaotic than ever, it’s time to get clear on what’s important.

Coaching helps you identify outdated beliefs and old habits that prevent you from reaching your potential and achieving your dreams.

If you’re ready to inspire and engage your team, maximize their potential and champion people to learn and grow – this is for you.

There’s a contribution you want to make to the world and you want it to be outstanding.

We Offer Two Leadership Coaching Programs to Consider

Leadership Coaching Package

You’re a high achiever and know what you want. Getting there, is another matter. When you want to grow your team, be a better leader, advance your career or transition into an exciting new executive role, you need a private and trusted advisor who has experience in executive coaching. Bea Germinario works with you to create a plan that sets things in motion and demonstrates your expertise quickly. Her leadership mentoring and coaching skills will also challenge you and hold you accountable every step of the way. Coaching can be a transformative experience that helps to enhance your leadership capacity and facilitates a higher level of performance – for you, your team and your organization.

  • Get a Clear Perspective
  • Create  Your 100-Day Plan
  • Lead With Conviction
  • Get to the Next Level

VIP 1-Day Coaching Intensive

You’re a fast learner, comfortable with rigorous self-examination, and ready to set aside an entire day for one-on-one strategic planning. Your coach, Bea Germinario, will help you clarify goals, create a vision that’s unique and meaningful to you, and help you develop a clear, actionable plan. Enjoy six follow-up coaching sessions over the next 90 days, along with daily access and accountability as you execute your plan.

  • Refocus Your Energy
  • Align Your Priorities
  • Create Your Blueprint
  • Build Trusting and Connected Relationships
  • Engage and Mobilize Top Talent
  • Create a Compelling Culture
  • Get Results

The VIP 1-Day Coaching Intensive is conducted on site in our offices. Leadership Coaching can be done via phone, in-person or online – or a combination of all three. We customize our services based on your unique situation.

Call us today to schedule your complimentary phone consultation to determine which program is best for you. 704-319-5593