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Join us in 2018 for a Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Maybe things have been perking along between you for years…. and they still are.

But recently, you’ve noticed things changing and you feel a shift calling you toward a deeper connection. If you want a close intimate partnership….. and you’ll settle for nothing less…. this is your invitation.

It’s time to peek behind the curtain and explore what’s possible.

We’re getting ready for our new couples workshop starting in January and I hope you’ll join me there.

It’s a wonderful way to start the new year and this workshop is designed especially for people like you who want more out of their relationship.

If you’ve ever asked the question: What’s the ONE thing that would make life easier? The answer is usually pretty simple but hard to implement.

Hold Me Tight Couples WorkshopThis Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop provides you with new perspectives on love and the world of relationship. It’s interactive and will give you and your partner fresh insight and tools you need to shape a loving bond and a closer connection.

We live in a hyper-active-task-oriented world that makes it unbelievably challenging for couples to create an environment that nurtures and nourishes a relationship. You might ask: Where do we start? And, when is the best time?

These are important questions with simple answers; Here and Now. Hold Me Tight® is a great starting point and when it comes to love, NOW is always the best time to start.

That’s why I’m inviting you to “press the pause button” and create space for your relationship to thrive.

Set aside two special days and join me for a series of 7 very special conversations that will help you and your partner stay Accessible, Responsive and Engaged. See each other with new eyes.

We’ll cover topics that allow you to try something new and talk with your partner in more playful, non-threatening ways that are still full of respect and integrity.

I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world because over the years I’ve been able to do this work and spend my life focused on couples and loving relationship.

At the workshop, we’ll start with an overview and answer some really important questions like:

How do those Demon Dialogues get started?

How do we touch those raw spots and make each other mad…. and why does that happen?

Can we ever visit rocky moments and have a conversation without going into a spin?

We’ll also talk about tuning in, forgiving injuries and (effectively) sharing with your partner.

The best part is asking for what you need.

All very simple. But not easy!

Check out the FAQ’s below and get registered:

What is this? A 2-day workshop for couples who love each other and want to be close.

Who’s it for? All committed couples are welcome.

Where? The Hampton Inn / Phillips Place.

Do I need to bring anything? Yes! A big heart and an open mind.

Will food be provided? We will have coffee, tea, decaf, bottled water and light snacks available throughout the day. Meals will not be provided.

When? 10am – 4pm. January 27–28, 2018

What should I wear? Comfortable, casual clothes.

What’s the cost? $645 if you register by December 28, 2017! / $695 after early pricing expires
Do I need to register? Yes! Space is limited so be sure to reserve your seat early by registering here OR you can call Maddison Teal in our office and she’ll assist you at 704-319-5593. You can also email us at .

Want to know more about Anne Hancock? Read about Anne here.

Get registered here:

I’m looking forward to this workshop and hope you are too. See you there!

~ Anne Hancock