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Hold Me Tight® Workshop for Couples – Charlotte, NC – September 28 & 29

How do you want to feel in your relationship?

Safe? Warm? Respected? Understood? Cherished?

Whatever it is for YOU…. if you’re trying hard to make things better – you’re not alone.

We’re all pretty good about attending to our children, homes and careers. Yet when it comes to our primary relationship, most of us wing it and hope for the best. STOP!

What YOU want for your relationship is more important today than ever before.

It’s time to dig deep and think about the ONE thing that’s likely to make everything better.

You know what I’m talking about….connection.

It creates the kind of closeness you experience when you have important conversations…. without slipping into that dreaded negative spin.

Connection is a must-have for 21st century relationships and exactly what you’ll experience in our couples workshops.

Hold Me Tight® Workshop for Couples

2 Days – 7 Conversations

Join us on September 28 and 29!

The Wellness Center Counseling Hold Me Tight workshop


You’ll walk away with clear ways to communicate and pull your partner closer.

You’ll talk to each other, listen and be heard for the first time in a long time.

I walk you through a simple yet profound process.

And while I take this work very seriously, we still have lots of light-hearted moments like this one.

Anne Hancock

Having a great relationship is not about trying harder, giving in or waiting until the kids are gone.

The secret is focusing on a few critical skills that make a HUGE difference – and get your partner’s attention.

Building a strong relationship – one that you’re proud of – could be the most fulfilling accomplishment of your life.

Hop on over to get more information and register now. I’ll see you there!