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Happy New Year and Last Chance to Register For Early Bird Pricing

Tonight my husband and I have plans for a lovely dinner to celebrate New Year’s eve.

Yet, this morning, I found myself wishing for a drive along the majestic California coastline.

These tumbling thoughts can turn into complaints and always catch me by surprise. They force me to pause and reflect.

Maybe… just maybe it’s our nature to crave things we don’t have in the moment. It also saps energy and can bring on the blues.

The quickest FIX I know of is a GRATITUDE list. So we did one…. together.

Reflecting on abundance and the amazing goodness in our life turns the blues upside down and brings us right back into a state of awe.

Even the simplest items on a Gratitude list reflect bounty and blessings. Give it a try…..and see.

So….what are you doing this New Year’s eve? What are you wishing for? And, most important of all, what are you grateful for?

1._________ 2.________ 3. __________ 4._________ 5.__________

Without reflection,
we go blindly on our way,
creating more unintended consequences,
and failing to achieve anything useful.” — Margaret Wheatly

My Team and I wish you wonderful things in 2019; Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Truth all wrapped in Joy…. with a little sass on the side.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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About The Author: Anne Hancock, Psy.D.

Anne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. She specializes in working with couples and always works from a non-blaming / non-pathologizing point of view. Her passion is helping couples connect. Anne is an approved AAMFT Supervisor and clinical fellow of the following professional associations: CAMFT (California Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) NCAMFT (North Carolina Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) AAMFT (American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) ICEEFT (International Association for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy).