The New Business Imperative

Increasing Trust and Emotional Safety

As you Lead Your Team Through Extraordinary Times

This is the New Business Imperative

We help you have powerful and uncomfortable conversations that reduce fear and uncertainty.

What does it FEEL like to work in your organization?

And, why should you care? Because people perform based on how they feel.

As human beings we all have a deep-seated need to feel safe… Emotionally and Psychologically.

To unite your team and move them through change, you’re going to have to address their fears by creating safety and connection.

These are the critical ingredients.

You’ll need to demonstrate understanding and compassion…and that means leading courageous and uncomfortable conversations.

You're probably wondering...

Where to start, what to say, what questions to ask.

You’re concerned about making a mistake…and with good reason.

Having a conversation sounds simple…and you know it’s important.

You’re in charge…the stakes are high…yet the solutions are not so obvious.

In most organizations re-entry is focused primarily on logistics and operations.

It’s not just physical well-being that needs to be taken into account. Your talent is stressed and anxious like never before.

How you respond to your team’s emotional and psychological health is equally important, perhaps more so.

This is the time to be intentional and meet your team where they are now.

This is also the time for your compassion and humanity to shine by creating a place where people want to work.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article Making Your Employee’s Well-Being Your Top Priority is the #1 thing to do to reduce re-entry anxiety.

We are on a mission to create meaningful connections, safety and trust in the workplace.

We understand that innovation rarely comes from people who’ve been trained to do the same thing over and over again.

That’s why we’ve combined our expertise to bring you leading edge perspectives and practices.

Our work is based in neuro-science, attachment theory and leadership training. We thoughtfully blend logic and emotion. We understand that when people enter an unsafe environment, the brain doesn’t care whether it’s at home or at work. It’s simply unable to function well.

Working together, Anne Hancock and Bea Germinario blend their unique combination of corporate and therapeutic expertise. We are deeply aligned and believe in the power of compassionate leadership.

We hope you’ll take few minutes to learn more about us:

Anne Hancock

Dr. Anne Hancock Psy.D.

Anne is a prominent relationship therapist and Founder of Wellness Counseling Center. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and specializes in working with couples and families. She has a doctorate in Psychology and masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Anne always works from a wellness-oriented, non-pathologizing point of view. That means no-blame, no-shame. In addition to classic counseling services, Anne conducts 2 1/2 Day Couples Intensives.

Bea Germinario ACC

Bea is a Certified Life & Leadership Coach and a graduate of Villanova University. She helps people launch a new chapter in life to reach results they truly desire. She creates a safe space where individuals can explore values, set goals, and implement plans. Bea knows how to build trust and hold you accountable while using strategies that challenge, motivate and bring out the best in you. Bea has held leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies and has over 14 years of coaching experience.

How we can help you... (Anne, I can remove this or change copy)


We’ll share the mindset and tools you need to understand your team in new ways. Once you understand what your team members need, you’ll be equipped to start having conversations and creating more opportunities for them to share. Anne, maybe you should mention the time of this session? (length)


We do it with you – using our signature four step process. We meet with you to discover and uncover areas that need attention then help you create an action plan based on the unique needs of your operation and your people. We’ll help lead conversations that will breakthrough to the heart of the matter. And, we’ll finalize with a summary of strengths and opportunities along with recommendations on how you can support your team.

What to do next…

To get started and explore how we can support you, we’d like to know something about you and your organization.

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Working with Bea was a career saver for me. Through her coaching, I was able to develop a better understanding of my strengths and values and how they related to my life and work. Taking that knowledge and combining it with the insightful and thoughtful questions she asks, I finally saw the situations and challenges I was facing in more positive ways.” – Marketing Director, BioPharma

I personally worked with Bea for professional coaching and then engaged her to work with my entire senior leadership team. Bea possesses a unique skill set – coach, analyst, cheerleader, counselor and source of inspiration – and with warmth, humor and just the right amount of nudging, fluidly transition between these roles to guide you where you need to go professionally and personally.” – CEO, Workforce Development