Couples Counseling Articles



Dr. Anne Hancock

B. Anne Hancock Psy.D​
“Love is who you are.”
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Beth McCain M.A. “Closeness takes courage.” learn more
'Sheila Mull Therapist

B. Sheila Mull M.A.
“If change didn’t exist…there would be no butterflies.”
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Stephanie Davis M.A.
“Just breathe.”
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Spencer Setcavage

Spencer Setcavage M.A.
“A grateful heart will always thrive.”
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Nicole Kelly
Graduate Intern
“You are resilient.”
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Dontrell Brailsford Graduate Intern
“You are worth it.”
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Bea Germinario M.A.
“We all need to be seen, loved, and know that we matter.”
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Mackenzie Morris Emotionally Focused Therapist

Mackenzie Morris Graduate Intern
“Create your own story.”
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