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Announcing Our New Location in Metro Columbia, South Carolina

Sheila Mull Marriage Counseling

About a year ago, one of our most experienced therapists expressed a desire to move to Lexington, SC to be closer to family. That’s when we started a new conversation. Before long, it was clear….we would open an office and embark on an exciting new adventure, spearheaded by Sheila Mull.

The decision was easy because of Sheila’s experience and dedication in providing exceptional care and support to our Charlotte clients. You see, like me, Sheila is an EFT couples therapist and our focus is human connection.

At Wellness, our entire practice is known for its compassionate, client-centered approach using the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) model. EFT is systemic, humanistic and non-pathologizing…which means no-blame / no-shame. It’s also evidence-based and provides the highest success rate on the planet for couples.

I believe Sheila’s presence will bring enormous value to Lexington families and the community at large. It’s a growing part of metropolitan Columbia with lots of dual career couples and busy families. Together, Sheila and our entire Wellness team set out to create a new space in Lexington that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for couples…a haven for those seeking more love and connection in their lives.